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#7 Collection & accessories – we’re working on it! – Coming Soon


#7 (HASH7) Collection, is the new style for quality fashion lovers; who appreciate, Stylish, versatile, comfortable clothing.

As a hybrid of workout and loungewear clothing, the #7 collection can be worn at the gym, leisurely socialising, or in the office.

The #7 athleisure comprises from yoga tops to sweat towels and track pants to fitted sports clothing, yoga pants, stylish tops, t-shirts, fitted dresses, and even socks.

And, as most of us haven’t stepped foot in a gym in a long time (blame COVID here), #7 athleisure wear is here to ease us back in.

#7 is the brand with the distinctive #7 branding. Inspired by cultural leisure and detailed fine art creations, based in the United Kingdom.

Al Douglas suggests that the fashion sector desperately needed change. The rise of fast fashion, with its over-supply and over-demand, has made it one of the most polluting industries in the world.

  • But how do you go about turning the whole strategy for fashion on its head?
  • How do you create a brand that could have a positive impact on the environment?

You start by slowing things down.

The guiding principles were that it has to be quality, it has to last a lifetime and it has to be sustainable as it can be. We may not yet be 100% sustainable but at least we are trying. It is this concept of clothes being ‘designed for good’

I’ve seen a real shift in the past year where women and men are increasingly conscious about the planet and the people involved in making the clothes. We have undertaken many steps to keep our journey transparent for our customers, so they learn while we’re learning,” says Al Douglas.

This means knowing your supply chain. For an increasing percentage of fibres it uses, Al knows exactly where they originated: from the forest or farm to the mills and dye houses, to the company’s factories.

Athleisure #7 Collection

Our fabrics with targeted compression and our unique, inspired waistband are designed with pockets. Specially engineered with warp knit technology to sculpt and support your form, this compressive seamless fabric features strategically placed ventilation and a flattering fit. A total gym and lifestyle game changer.

Our collection range has an innovative design concept and functional technology, this is what sets us apart and support ultimate performance potential. The technical performance of this innovative fitness fabric comes from its unique yarns and double-knit construction which together keep you cool, dry and focused during the most intense workouts.

  • Anti-odour fabric
  • Feels cool-on-the-skin
  • Breathable and cottony-soft.
  • High-performance fabric developed to handle serious sweat.
  • Lightweight and delivers that next-to-nothing feeling. light compression,
  • Strong and light versatile woven fabric
  • (External) Pocket
  • Chafe-Resistant
  • Moisture-Wicking

Artistic Lifestyle

Each art design is crafted or designed by talented artists making each garment range an original piece of artwork that uses fine super-soft knitted design quality for maximum comfort and successfully combines style and functionality with assured ease.

The #7 British brand blends culture, fashion and art into a mix of desirable clothing expressing both individuality and attitude, with unmistakable embroidered or printed #7 quality motif on the garment.


#7 Socks

No stylish person’s wardrobe is complete without a mix of classic and contemporary socks 

Can a person ever have too many pairs of socks?

#7 Premium Comfort Socks are crafted with premium Combed Cotton and Scottish Lisle Cotton. These socks are engineered with modern technology to provide perfect grip to your feet without making you feel tight, which encompass everything from the luxury take on everyday classics to fun patterns with a twist that guarantees to add a hint of colour to any look.

Types: Logoed, business, casual, sports, ribbed, cotton, doodle, ankle, ladies long, soft elastic (stay up).

What’s more important to you? Product quality and freedom of movement or the style of clothing?

If you want to collaborate, support or buy stock from the collection Get In Touch with us today.