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Commercial partnerships and Operations Consulting event services. We organise events in intimate and large spaces around the world. We partner with the world’s most influential people in music, art, culture and other lifestyle projects.


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01 Music events & Network events

We Have a client that stages developing and major artists at bespoke branded events and bespoke music sessions at random locations which is linked to a new high tech streaming concept, for customers to view or preview a live event anywhere in the work from multiple angles of their choice. The client is looking for a long-term investor and or sponsor to expand the project, create more global engagement and develop a series of interviews and music.


The same client is the only organiser in the country that has worked with multiple Embassies and Consulates. They organise amazing B2B and B2Cnetwork events at the embassies, involving live music, artwork and tasty culinary bites of origin. These events have proved to be very successful for all involved.

02 Songwriters Podcast Sessions

This established music artist and successful songwriter is looking for an investor or sponsor to support her excellent podcasts so that she can expand the project further.

Her podcasts include: White (Who co-wrote Adele’s first single and will young and James Morrison’s big hits), Jin Jin (little mix, Jax Jones, Jess Glynn), Sarah Blanchard (jess Glynn, Galantis, Liam Payne) and Fiona Bevan (one direction, steps, Natalie Imbruglia, Kylie Minogue)

03 Start-up sustainable lifestyle clothing brand

This new start-up has some excellent leisure, and lifestyle clothing designs. The designs also include unique work from fine art and doddle artists.

The client is looking for an investor or partner that is involved in the clothing and manufacturing trade to get the ball rolling on this sustainable lifestyle range.

04 HNWI Matchmaking, Concierge Company

This highly reputable HNWI Matchmaking client has worked with many celebrities and has recently refreshed and restructured her business.


On the back of launching a book and running a few High Net Worth networking and Matchmaking events. The client is now looking at developing a networking site for singles and businesses. Currently, there is a TV series being written on this client’s working background.

The client is looking for a long-term investor/ partner for the business, and a main sponsor/ affiliate for when the TV series is launched.

05 Art Events

This client loves art. They are looking for a long term investor and sponsor.

The client wishes to continue helping artist hang their work in hotels and members’ bars and help them receive money from selling their work. The client needs funds to develop a good platform as an art curator working with the best hotels and Members bars on a regular basis. The benefits for the investor or sponsor are huge.


The client also has a business plan for a bi-annual art festival involving the art of all types for all ages to enjoy.

This will engage established and up-and-coming artists, art collectors and enthusiasts eager to discover and appreciate new cultured artwork and their art forms in a dynamic, inspirational seasonal itinerary of revered art experiences and events in a less intimidating environment.