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Commercial partnerships and Operations Consulting event services. We organise events in intimate and large spaces around the world. We partner with the world’s most influential people in music, art, culture and other lifestyle projects.


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Al Douglas

Shop And Fun

As a hybrid of workout clothes and loungewear, #7 athleisure wear can be worn at the gym, on the couch, or in the office.

Nowadays, the #7 athleisure market comprises anything, from yoga tops to sweat towels and track pants to fitted sports clothing, yoga pants, stylish tops, t-shirts, fitted dresses, and even socks.

I’ve seen a real shift in the past year where women and men are increasingly conscious about the planet and the people involved in making the clothes. We have undertaken many steps to keep our journey transparent for our customers, so they learn while we’re learning,.

And, as most of us haven’t stepped foot in a gym in a long time (blame COVID here), #7 athleisure wear is here to ease us back in.

#7 is the brand with the distinctive #7 branding. Inspired by cultural leisure and detailed fine art creations, based in the United Kingdom.