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Commercial partnerships and Operations Consulting event services. We organise events in intimate and large spaces around the world. We partner with the world’s most influential people in music, art, culture and other lifestyle projects.


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‘Is it ever too late to discover art?’



People feel the need to enjoy all kinds of art, poetry, painting, music, theatre, sculptures, books etc. because they enjoy identifying themselves with the arts. Art offers people a balance with the world around them, this means that art is not only important in the past, but it will always be equally important to us today and in the future. There is something about art that expresses and fascinates us just when we look at paintings made by our ancestors and future talent who have put their emotions, thoughts and vision into a piece of work.

Various forms of drawings, painting, and other visual depictions almost certainly facilitated communication and education among early humans. It is this beauty that one draws the first connection between nature and art. Nature and art are both beautiful, no matter how you define beauty. They both can dazzle us and hold us breathless. They can inspire us and make us feel connected to something. Art can strike an emotional nerve that leaves an impact, it employs a visual stimulus to affect the mental or emotional state of the viewers.



Al is educated in behavioural and cognitive psychology and appreciates the thought process that goes into a piece of art. Every artist and their paintings have ‘Art therapy’, a story that involves active creative behaviours be it of thoughts, memories, dreams or trauma; these emotions tell the artist’s stories through their paintings. Al claims: “The heightened levels of perception and feeling are created by great art. Contents of the personal unconscious and, more particularly, the collective unconscious, could be accessed by art and other forms of cultural expression”.

~ Al Douglas 2018


Al has helped to support new and established artists throughout their careers to exhibit, sell, and or promote their art collections to make a healthy living. The valued art program working with exclusive members bars, top hotels and private HNWI is what sets him apart in the art world to find lucrative opportunities for many artists to earn from their passion. Al offers a fine art advisory and consultancy service with long term contacts within the most prestigious galleries, museums, auction houses and art fairs around the world.

HOW IT WORKS – In simple terms

  • Client/ HNWI hires Al as a consultant. The type of wanted art is discussed
  • A selection of artists and their work is presented to the venue, then selected.
  • Artists’ work is hung on display in various venue locations for 2 to 6 weeks depending on the client and according to footfall.
  • Art is promoted in venue locations and to members/ guests via online, leaflets, notices and or email mailouts.
  • Artists contracted to provide one or two professional talks on their work to members, guests and staff.
  • Depending on the client, sponsors are an option to assist with the financial commitment and cross-collaborations.


Art Plans In The Works

The business side of the art world can be an intimidating place, so Al plans to run a unique networking program. This will engage established and up-and-coming artists, art collectors and enthusiasts eager to discover and appreciate new cultured artwork and their art forms in a dynamic, inspirational seasonal itinerary of revered art experiences and events in a less intimidating environment.

Partners, Sponsors and Investors are welcome to get in touch if this national and global project resonates with you.

I've worked with Al on a number of projects, typically the ones involving high stress with multiple moving parts. Al as an events and partnerships professional cuts through the noise and delivers on the brief, always refreshing to have him on your team either as a colleague or an agent. Always a pleasure to work with Al, he has a solution for pretty much every challenge and as a result, pleasure to recommend and endorse.

Steve Dalton
Director at OLEX

Al is a very well connected individual in his field of expertise and was able to deliver results efficiently and effective. Al is a great guy with a strong commercial and business acumen with amazing creativity.

David Westhead
CEO APAC Sports, Fashion & Lifestyle at Al-Futtaim

Al's proactive approach to wealth management and identifying wider client issues has provided a fantastic service to our mutual HNWI clients. He's honest, hard working, motivated by his undying wish to do the right thing for his clients. These are the reasons I would recommend Al to anyone.

Andy McMillan
Director, Coutts Private Office, Wealth Management